For the 2017 Women's Leadership Forum, we were tasked with creating an experience for women that would both add to the conference experience and allow Arnold to stand out from other sponsors... With an extremely minimal budget.

So instead of creating something to bring women to us, we set up shop where we knew women would definitely be going. The ladies room.


We write on walls to be heard.
To leave our name.
And for our art to be seen by the world.
We scratch our initials. And share our thoughts.
Graffiti is art for the subversive.
And for the people.
It’s a medium for opinions. And small rebellions.
And regardless of whether it’s a poem. A tag. Or simple initials. 

It’s a voice.
So go ahead.

Leave your thoughts on the walls,

And take some inspiration with you.
It’s time to speak up.

Here. And outside these stalls.

It’s time to leave your mark.

As creatives we knew, there's nothing more terrifying than a blank page. Which is why we made sure that women entering our experience (well, the bathroom) would have a wide range of prompts to answer, puzzles to solve and 'badass feminist' names to create.

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